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Swinging ?
Swinging means open sex life. This may mean one, two, or more people getting together to explore their sexuality, but swinging not just sex. Swingers usually friends are too, but the friendship is not necessary. However end of the line definitely is the bedroom. Swinging is not cheating on your mate. It is share your social and sexual life with others, but not necessarily intercourse. It can be from soft flirting - until full swap or hard core swinging with multiple partners. It is up to everyone how far would like to go, and usually it should be make clear before any action happen. The couples should make tight rules, and they should be keep. Nobody should make anything, what doesn't want to make, or what make him/her uncomfortable.

Who are swingers ?
The swingers are very normal people, just like you and me! Swingers tend to be married, friendly, outgoing people. Swingers generally are interested in sexual adventure. Swingers come from all walks of life, in all shapes and forms. Usually they aren't to religious, and very open minded. Your next door neighbors can be swinger but your doctors too. Most of them are well educated and very clean.

I would like to swing but don't now how to start ?
Well you are here, and reading this. It is not a bad start. Try to contact a local Swingers Club speak with them. Probably they will help you, with advice. You may speak with experienced swingers without any sexual involvement. If you get more comfortable with the idea of swinging, they may invite you for the next club event and rest of it up to you and your partner. Other way to go, the Internet. Millions of Swingers website on the net. Try to find one which is covering your area, and post an ad. New couples are always welcome.

How do I convince my partner to swing ?
First of all, you must keep in mind that swinging is not for everyone. Before you can try to convince your partner to swing you first need to look at yourself and why you want to swing. If the only reason you want to swing is so that you can "get more action", then you shouldn't even bother. That's not what this lifestyle is about. When you know why you want to do it, you must determine whether your partner could handle swinging, even if he or she became interested. If, you want to swing because you want to help your partner live out fantasies while living out your own, or because you want to share the most special part of your life (your partner) with others, then you can start looking at how to convince your partner. You may not even need to convince your partner. They may already be more than willing, all you have to do is let them know that you are. The first thing you need to do is talk about your fantasies. Be open to any questions that they may bring up and be prepared to answer why you want to do this. Talk and talk, take your time. It takes time to become comfortable with the whole idea but at one point you have to ask it. What about if we give it a try? If your partner lets you know NO way, then back off. Pushing them will get you nowhere. However, you can mention your fantasies to him/her, and some more talk. It may take several months but if you can get your partner fantasies turned on you are in the right directions. Don't forget, swinging wont fix a bad relations, but it can make a good one much more better.

Swinging experience ?
Most couple's first swinging experience is usually some type of soft swing, example same room fun, but hard swinging can be same room fun too. Kissing, touching erotic games but not intercourse with the other couple, or people is soft swing. Most of the people thinks "swinging" means "swapping", but there are many different types of swinging. Same Room fun is a common example, happens what ever is happens, it will happen in same room with your partner. You may have opportunity to watch your partner in sexual activity with someone else, if you want, you can help to make your partner even happier. Often is not just in same room, it maybe in same bad too. Hard swinging usually mean that sexual intercourse and partner exchange included.

We found one couple! What next ?
Meet them at a neutral setting (i.e. restaurant or lounge). This makes it much easier to leave if things don't go well. Be on time and make sure that you have given each other specific contact information (i.e. what kind of car, dress, etc). Prepare preset signals to communicate between the you and your partner, such as "Yes", "No", "Maybe", and "Let's get the hell out of here!" Generally when you are just starting out you should never arrange for another meeting that night, this gives you and your partner time to discuss your feelings before making a commitment to the other couple.

Now we've met and want more. What is now ?
Don't be shy, ask! Make it clear what do you want. Open conversation the best. Talk about your rules. Same room, different rooms, swap, or just soft-swing, etc. Once everyone is agree, just go for it. Just remember, "NO" means NO, at any time.

What is the most important think about swinging ?
Hard to say. What is very important for me, maybe not that important for you. Be be open, clean and positive all the time. If something bothering you, important to let your partner know. It is means the communications important. But I believe the most important, one-way or other, have fun, and be sure your partner have some fun too, because if don't (special if your partner is your wife) maybe that was your last swinging experience with her.

Quality or Quantity ?
This question usually come from males. Ask any lady, not necessary most to be swinger lady, but you can ask any swingers couple too. They'll will give you the same answer. You should not test here yourself how many times you are able to do it. One quality experience is more better then one night long mediocre experiences. But the fore play never long enough. You can make this as long as long you wish, it just will make better quality. maybe that was your last swinging experience with her.

Bisexuality and swinging... ?
Most people have bisexual curiosity, but it appears ladies into swinging are more willing to try it. Many ladies enjoy the touch of another woman in a swinging situation, but are not necessarily attracted to other women in the rest of their lives. It is just up to the chemistry. However bi sexual man not popular in swinging communities. If you are bi sexual let your new partners know it. Sooner is better. Not everyone into bi sexuality. Lot of swingers are straight8 (100% straight).

Dealing whit jealousy ?
Jealousy is a normal problem that many swinger face. The best thing you can do to reduce jealousy let your partner know if you are jealous. Remember open communications. If you aren't comfortable with something that is going on, tell your partner. If you or your partner honestly can not handle a specific action then just don't do them. Every couple has their own limitations, or if don't time to set up at that point where both, you and your spouse are most comfortable. If your relationship in trouble and you think swinging will help, you are wrong. It won't! If you have a close, open relationship, built on honesty and love, swinging will only strengthen that.

Can our marriage be damaged if we get into swinging ?
Set up rules and keep them. If they to tight lose them, but always communicate with your partner. Don't do anything what don't want to do, or what make your partner uncomfortable or jealous. If you swinging this way, your marriages will improve and your relationship will be stronger and better all the time.

What about sexual disease ?
There are many scary diseases, so if you want to practice safe sex make it clear before any serious action happen. Never let anyone to dictate you: No protection. It should be your and your partner choice. The disease should not be the reason not to swinging, because it is easily prevented. I strongly recommend condoms for any type of sexual encounter. This lifestyle is only as safe as you want it to be!

I'm a single guy. Swinging is just for couples ?
Swinging is a lifestyle that couples enjoy to help them live out their fantasies with other adults. Singles can be involved in the lifestyle, and are involved, since many couples are looking for either an extra male or female to help them live out a threesome fantasy. What singles must remember when they are lucky enough to be involved is that it is a privilege and they must treat it as privilege. Many of the problems single men have in trying to get into this lifestyle are brought on by themselves. Most of them treat the ladies as sluts or nymphomaniacs. Swinging is sharing, what the single guy share? Why can not find girlfriend? Oh, your girlfriend not into swinging? Then you shouldn't too, or find other girlfriend. Remember, sharing is to sided. But if you single and really want to get into the lifestyle, keep trying. Be friendly, clean, very polite, see thinks positive and who know maybe one day you may get what you want.

About Swingers Clubs ?
Basically two kind of swingers clubs are popular. First the off premises clubs. They are like singles bars. You meet there, build some friendship and go somewhere. Sexy dress for ladies, (or no dress at all) kissing touching allowed, but not intercourse. On-premises clubs are usually private homes where there are bedrooms available for adults fun. Usually after time, from the off premises clubs the members go to on premises clubs. All kind of sexual activities may go on and on. Both clubs do welcome new couples or single women, but we not suggesting on premises club for new couples.

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