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Mature Swingers
Phyllis and I have been married a ton of years so we described ourselves as Mature swingers. It began when Phyllis started to have affairs shortly after we were married. when I discovered it by walking in on one of her trysts, I found that not only wasn't I upset, but I was very turned on. I began screwing around and enjoying that too. Ultimately, we decided that we should try to swing together rather than behind one anothers back. It worked for a while, but Phyllis couldn't get enough that way so we agreed that she could continue to have her men, and we would continue to swing as a couple in addition. We had some great adventures in the l970s, but gave it all up when AIDS and other diseases became an issue. We recently returned to swinging by placing an ad in New York's Village Voice and met Elizabeth (Liz) and Ronald (Ronnie) Over the two years that we've known them, we have had some great swinging experiences, but last month was the best and it is that story that I want to tell you. We went to a classical music concert, and then, went back to their house. We started to get undressed, and the women excused themselves to don some erotic lingerie. The guys were down to their boxer shorts which did little to conceal their state of arousal caused by the anticipation of things to come. When the women returned, our eyes bulged out as much as our cocks. They were the picture of contrasts. Phyllis is 5'7 140 lbs and has 36C that stand up in spite of her age and gravity. She was wearing a black sheer bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Her neatly trimmed pussy could be seen through the garments. Liz is 5'3, 105 lbs and small tits with pointy nipples that were pushing out against the sheer material leaving little doubt as to her state of arousal. She was in a red outfit. I suggested that each person tell a sexual secret that occurred during or before they were married. Each story was more exciting the the next, and perhaps in a future story, I'll relate some of them. The excitement mounted as we talked. The story that I want to tell begins at this point. Liz who does massage therapy, brought out a massage table and said that each of us should mount the table and tell the others what we wanted done to him or her by the other three. Ronnie went first and asked to be sprayed with olive oil and that each of us should lick it off. I massaged the oil into his skin while the ladies licked it off. They started at his nipples and worked their way done to his cock. They took turns sucking his cock and balls, and fingering his ass. He did not last too long wiht these ministrations, and shot his load which Liz caught and swallowed. Phyllis went next. She wanted to be teased so she put whipped cream around her nipples and pussy but not directly on. She wanted each of us to lick the whipped cream off without touchng her nipples or clit. She got very excited by the tongues , moaning loudly, but did not come at that point. Her nipples stood out like the eraser at the end of a pencil. When it was my turn, I started on my stomach. someone put a small vibrtor in my ass while the others rubbed an oil that got hot as you rubbed it into my muscles and around my ass. Liz put on a rubber finger and replaced the vibrator with it, giving my prostate a massage. When I turned over, Phyllis put her boob into my mouth and I fingered her ass. I couldn't see what was going on below, but I discovered later that our hosts were taking turns giving me a blow job, and licking my balls. When Liz mounted the table, she asked to have whipped cream put on her hardened nipples, and pussy. She asked the guys to lick it off her tits, and Phyllis to take care of the cream on her clit. It was Phyl's first bi experience. She was hesitant at first, but when she felt the erect clit, she dove it and brought Liz to a climax which Liz verbalized quite loudly. Liz's body convulsed in ecstasy. Without missing a beat, the four of us moved from the table to a large air mattress on the floor in fromt of the fireplace. Liz took my cock in her mouth and began sucking it, engulfing its entire length. ( It is about 6 inches but very thick.) Her fingers stroked my balls, and pressed against my ass. Phyllis began licking Liz's pussy working her way down to her anal sphincter. Ronnie buried his head between Phyl's long legs muched on her clit, and using his dongue as a cock, entered her pussy and ass. Though I had never touched a man before, the excitement of the moment drove me to masturbate Ronnie. it did not take long for each of us to explode in a climax. We hope to get together real soon with two other couples would have answered our ad. We'll let you know what happens.

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